About Us

Olly WombleI have a love of animals and animal themed home wares and gifts; I can’t pass a Moggie Mug or a cute Owl Cushion without thinking I need it in my house. We have three dogs that are spoilt rotten, they are all delightful characters with their own unique personalities; my husband always jokes that I come home with better food for them than I do for us!

It is my dream job to pass on beautiful pet products and animal themed gifts to like minded people.

Olly Womble

Oliver – AKA Olly Womble

Oliver or Olly Womble is our 10 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He thinks he is a 4 year old gun dog; he works the hedges looking for Rabbits and Pheasants and has boundless energy. He lives up to his breed name and thinks he is royalty, the no dogs on the sofa rule does not apply to him. He likes the animal programmes on TV, has selective deafness and always comes back from his walks the dirtiest of all three of them; all in all he is a lovable little monkey.

Henry – AKA Mr woodleMr Woodle

Henry or Mr Woodle is our 5 year old cross, a strange mixture of Springer Spaniel and Terrier (we think Jack Russell) we have given him a designer breed title of “Sperrier”. He likes to greet all visitors with a leaf or twig that he collects from the garden. We also call him the “hunter NOT gatherer” as he warns all the rabbits that he is about to give chase with a high pitch squeal! He is a very lovable dog and likes nothing better than to curl up on my lap in the evenings.

Tizzy WhizCharlie – AKA Tizzy Whiz

Charlie or Tizzy Whiz is our very handsome, if not bonkers 4 year Spring Spaniel. He would never be without his beloved ball, if we allowed! Unfortunately our slippers are his second favourite and can more often than not be found in the garden or around the house, but luckily he loves to play find so we simply ask him to get them and hey presto. He loves to lie at the back door with his head out of the dog flap looking up the garden and every now and again he thinks he is a small lap dog and if invited up he quickly does what we call the “Tizzy Roll” as he catapults himself onto his back with his legs in the air.